Even when Phill took our home to nearly $100,000 above our reserve, he kept working his magic to make sure he’d got it all. It’s pretty amazing to see a top-notch auctioneer in full flight and we know he achieved the best price for us.

Darren H., Seller

Meet Phill Broom.

Your Auctioneer.

With tens of thousands of hours of negotiations under his belt, Phill Broom understands the challenges all parties face when making a real estate decision. 

Calm and strategic, his enviable track record of success has seen him help hundreds of sellers, buyers and agents navigate the market and in the last twelve months he has facilitated close to half a billion dollars in real estate transactions.  

  • Phill has a 13-year record as a highly successful sales agent and deeply understands the agent’s journey.
  • He prioritises the entire sales process and his focus extends beyond just the auction call.
  • Phill is missing the giant ego – he knows he’s there to make the auction a stellar success, the auction is not there to make him feel like a star.

“My job is to fire up the excitement, urgency and competition at your auction so the bidders’ hands shoot up,” Phill says. 

A well-regarded Auctioneer and expert in the industry you can find Phill training, coaching and mentoring many of Australia’s best agents, calling auctions week in and week out and helping a depth of rising stars find their place in the real estate market. 

Having worked as a successful agent, sales director and principal, Phill is a rarity among auctioneers in that he has personally navigated a host of sales situations over his ten plus years of hands-on experience. Missing the giant ego helps him deal with any situation with ease and his dedication to his craft, to continuing to push the level of professionalism in the industry has seen him venture far and wide to better himself, his clients and his team.

“I’m on your team, which means I’m always analysing the crowd to extract every dollar they’ve got to give for your property. If it’s there, I’ll find it.”

Reach out to Phill for a relaxed conversation about how he can help you achieve your real estate goals.